Sandy Hansen REALTOR®

My work has always been involved with customer service and making sure people were being taken care of. I was born and raised in Cache Valley Utah and look forward to serving my community. We are a family of 3, and when I had my baby I become a work from home mom and I got to enjoy that for just over 2 years. We love to be outdoors and go out and experience what life has to offer. I am proud to say I am a dedicated person on whatever task or goal I have set for whether personal or work. You can rest assured I am here to be of help to you, and also help you achieve your Real Estate Goals!

What are you known for?


Born in:


Languages (other than English):


Proudest moment:

When I had my son

Hardest thing you've ever done:

Being a parent

Perfect day:

Sunny, on the side of the beach with my family, friends, and good food

First job:

Working at a mall kiosk after school

Secret talent:

Used to play the violin

Define success:

Being able to provide for my family and still being able to have time to make memories with them.

What do you love about Utah?

Family community