Craig Voegeli, REALTOR®

Craig Voegeli

Cell Phone: 8012013344
Office Location: 6340 S 3000 E #600, Salt Lake City
Office Phone Number: 8019900400

Craig is not a Utah native, but acclimated quickly to the western vibe with it’s mountains, Salt Lake City quirks and access to the west coast. Growing up in the wheat fields of North Dakota, he attended The University of Minnestoa where he graduated in Communications and Business. Many of his friends and colleagues know of his love of music performance, and that he studied classical singing intensively with a coach here at the University of Utah. Real Estate, rehabing, and design are strong interests and abilities for Craig, as he has renovated several properties over the years. This culminated in his recent personal residence in the Marmalade area of downtown Salt Lake City. The property was ready for condemnation when he acquired it, restored and renovated it—now he calls it home. Fifteen years ago, Craig moved here from the midwest after a career that spanned corporate sales for Xerox, human resources consulting for a firm in Minneapolis and financial analysis and negotiation for a mall developer in Indianapolis. When you meet Craig, you will understand that he lives life on a more animated plane. With a history in musical theater and performance, he enjoys living his structured life in a dynamic and creative way. His high energy supports his love of travel and seeing the world, and his commitment to fitness. Craig will describe himself as a “foodie”, but may be as likely to be eating a peanut butter banana sandwich as unidentifiable, tasty fun sushi.

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