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Larsen overall parcel map


Silver Creek Village (the “Village”) is a traditional neighborhood village clustered among the sage meadows of the eastern Snyderville Basin of Park City, Utah. The intent of the plan is to create a "special place" with a pattern of streets, blocks and open spaces that complement, not compete with the land.

The overall Village is located on a 244.33 acre site on the southeast corner of Interstate 80 and US Highway 40, served by the Silver Creek Drive exit of highway 40. At build out the total site will accommodate: (i) 1,290 residential units consisting of 939 “Multi Family” (stacked flats or attached town homes) and 351 single family; (ii) 50,000 square feet of commercial; and (iii) assorted schools, churches and community service buildings. Of the 244.43 acres, 153.9 acres is set aside as open space. The East Basin Land Use Plan in effect at the time of the initial planning submittals identified the parcel as an appropriate location for a village development. Reasons for this include minimal impacts to existing residential communities, readily available transportation and utility infrastructure, and opportunity for clustering while maintaining visual corridors to the mountains. Environmental impacts are minimal.

The “Larsen Parcel Phase”

The “Larsen Parcel Phase” of Silver Creek Village represents 10.4% of the total density in the Village, as compared to total Village as follows:

Description Total Site Standard Description Parcel
Commercial Sq Ft 50,000 NA Commercial 0
Multi Family 939 Village Residential 3 Condos/Apartments 42
SF& Town Home 351 Village Residential 2 Town Homes 46
TOTAL 1,290 Village Residential 1 Single Family 46
Work Force Housing 330   TOTAL 134
      Work Force Housing 34
      Market Rate Housing 100

The Larsen Parcels’ 10.4% equates to 134 units. Included in the total density of the Village, 330 units are to be “Work Force” housing which requires the Larsen Parcels’ contribution to the overall workforce housing of 34.32 units, leaving 100 unrestricted units divided among Single Family, Multi Family, and Townhome units.  Given the location of the Larsen Parcels towards the entrance to the Village, they are effectively the first phase of the overall development.  On the following page is a breakdown of the individual parcels and their respective uses:


  Village   Anticipated  
Parcel Designation Use Units Acreage
1.1 Residential 1 Single Family 11 1.24
1.2 Residential 2 Cottage, Single family, Townhomes 11 0.60
1.3 Open Space Open Space NA NA
2.1 Residential 3 Apartments, Townhomes, Condominiums, Lofts 42 1.24
3.1 Residential 1 Single Family 15 1.69
4.1 Residential 1 Single Family 12 1.63
4.2 Residential 2 Cottage, Single family, Townhomes 7 0.59
6.2 Residential 1 Single Family 4 0.47
6.3 Residential 2 Cottage, Single family, Townhomes 6 0.51
8.1 Residential 2 Cottage, Single family, Townhomes 22 1.10
8.2 Pocket Park Park NA NA
8.3 Residential 1 Single Family 4 1.24
    TOTAL 134  

 The Environment and Design Considerations

Design standards are identified for each development parcel within the Village, including the Larsen parcels, and include specific provisions for building heights, setbacks, parking requirements, lot coverage, etc. The standards differ from the existing Snyderville Basin Code and are in place to better implement the Village Planning Principles as identified in the Snyderville Basin General Plan.

The Village is centered on a traditional "Main Street" intersection. Here, residential lofts will rise above a tree lined retail street with boutique shops, a neighborhood market, small restaurants and cafes, a post office, a bank and a variety of public gathering spaces. The architecture will strongly reflect the ranching and territorial past of rural Summit County, while applying modern elements.

Main Street terminates at the 3 acre Village Green located in the heart of the Village. The green will provide residents with a gathering space to enjoy concerts at the amphitheater, play frisbee on the great lawn, cool down at the splash pad, attend the farmers' market or an art show or enjoy any of the other park amenities such as the picnic pavilions, playgrounds and walking paths. The Village Green is oriented with Main Street to the breathtaking views of the ski areas along the eastern slopes of the Wasatch Mountains.

The community emphasizes an interconnected network of pedestrian scaled streets lined with trees, sidewalks, public spaces and a mix of residential units ranging from village lofts to single family custom homes. To reinforce the pedestrian oriented philosophy of the village, automobiles are directed to street parking, rear access garages and parking lots located to the side or rear of commercial or mixed use buildings. Each neighborhood is adjacent to open spaces. Each residence will be located within a 3 minute walk of a park providing residents with active recreation opportunities such as playgrounds, picnic pavilions, play lawns, sports courts, etc. The Village will also have over 60 acres of neighborhood and community parks providing a diverse range of active programmed uses.

The Silver Creek Village Main Street is defined by 3 and 4 story mixed use structures that establish the retail, commercial, office and boutique shop center within the Village.  Main Street will be the core of the community and will target all residents within the community. It will be pedestrian oriented with comfortable public spaces, outdoor seating, site furnishings, easily accessible storefronts and a cohesive, yet varied architectural character that is scaled to the street corridor.  Architectural details include decorative streetlights with pendants, benches and chairs, bike racks, planter beds and boxes, and decorative tree grates.  Street trees provide landscape definition and shade throughout Main Street, while landscape beds will soften the Village hardscape.

Multi-family structures range from condominiums fronting parks to various townhome clusters placed throughout the village to provide product diversity and balance.

Civic structures will provide an important cultural element to the Village and are located along the Silver Creek Drive entry to enhance the arrival experience.  Public art and architectural elements will be placed to provide appropriate visual focus within public spaces, entries, and plazas.

Basin Recreation Pic

Open Space

Open space will consist of significant and meaningful open areas as provided in large parks and open space buffer parcels as well as open spaces within development parcels as allowed by code.

Community trail locations are provided within a 20 foot trail easement on the main roadway and park parcel dedication plat as requested by the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District.  The combination of all community trails will form a loop encircling the Village and connecting to the greater system of Recreation District trails via connections at existing underpasses, as well as neighborhood parks and gardens.

The Village Green will provide for varied activities including an outdoor amphitheater and splash pad. The majority of the park will include large expanses of turf and landscaping will provide for shade and cover and tie the park into the rest of the Village through the use of consistent tree, shrub, and ornamental plantings. Pedestrian connectivity to and through the Village Green will be the centerpiece of the Village and will serve as the major gathering point for all residents within the village.

Located at one of the most visible intersections within the Village and anchoring the west end of Main Street, the Petrified Wood Park and the Neighborhood Garden provide an ideal location to tell the history of the project site while also establishing the village vision for "Community".

Within the Village setting the Neighborhood Park has been located at the Silver Creek Drive entry providing a park landscape corridor upon arrival to the community. The Park has also been located adjacent to the civic parcels to provide shared facilities including play areas and parking in order to minimize surface parking and maximize usable park and civic area.

Park uses will be simple and well organized and the Park will embrace the existing wetlands, integrating them into the landscape through wetland and upland plantings and boardwalks. The park landscape will consist of multi-purpose turf areas for flexible use by all ages as well as native grass passive recreation areas that transition the Village landscape to the existing Silver Creek drainage corridor.


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