Travis Pearce REALTOR®

Nearly 50 years ago, Tom Pearce left a secure position as a high school English teacher to pursue an uncertain career in real estate. You could say that he left one of the most respected professions for one that many consider to find itself near the other end of the spectrum. Observing him over the course of his long career real estate, I was able to learn two valuable life lessons: That sustainable success in business can come only from expertise and persistent hard work, and that no success in life is worth compromising integrity.

In every respect, my sister Jamie and I were born into a real estate family, and to the two most dedicated real estate professionals that I know. So it should come as no surprise that we would both end up working in the same industry as our parents, and we've been doing just that for nearly 20 years! I actually didn't realize the magnitude to which we had become a "Real Estate Family" until I brought my girlfriend and would-be wife Melissa to my folks’ house for dinner. Before dessert was served, she had mustered up the courage to wonder aloud if real estate was all we ever talked about! Well, she showed us: now she’s a Realtor, too!

Why do I spill so much ink on the backstory? It's to make perfectly clear that real estate is in my blood. I've taken my career from helping clients with their straightforward single family residential needs, to helping our local governments with right-of-way and mixed-use redevelopment projects, to helping corporate clients with their commercial real estate needs, to residential and commercial leasing and property management, to house flipping and land-lording, then to urban infill residential housing developments and back again. And I've done it from one end of the state to the other over a lot of years, while embracing and mastering new technology along the way. If you can find a real estate professional with a stronger work ethic and a broader base of expertise and experience, HIRE THAT AGENT!

Real estate is what I do! And I love doing it for two reasons: First, helping people fix problems, and particularly challenging ones, is especially thrilling. And more often than not, real estate needs are fraught with plenty of complications. So bring on the trouble and watch me earn my keep! Secondly, I love working in the real estate industry because ours is a relationship business, and nothing is more rewarding to me than cultivating meaningful associations with the people that I serve.

Life is short, and spending time with family is precious. Melissa and I are determined to carve out time whenever we can to create adventure for our three amazing daughters, who are growing up faster than we can tolerate. It won't be long before they are rowing their own boats through the rapids, ditching their skis for snowboards, and deciding for themselves which faraway destination to explore without us. Make no mistake, I’ll always be available and quick to respond, but I hope you'll understand if your call occasionally goes to voicemail while I'm making some memories with my kin.

Please give me a call today! Let me make your real estate experience both manageable and enjoyable!

What are you known for?

My energy level (for better or worse). I have a hard time sitting still.

Languages (other than English):

French and Spanish

Proudest moment:

The first time navigating the river through Grand Canyon.

Hardest thing you've ever done:

Listen when I wanted to be heard.

Perfect day:

A run through the desert after a day at the oars.

Best gift you've ever received:

A wedding ring

First job:

Mowing the lawn at my folks' real estate brokerage.

Secret talent:

My freakish ability to remember phone numbers, now rendered useless.

Define success

Earning my keep without compromising integrity.

What do you love about Utah?

So much to do outside with my family!

Born in:

Salt Lake City