Stella Canzano REALTOR®

Stella’s strong business acumen was developed as an Account Executive at a Fortune 500 Company. With her dedication to excellence, you can expect world-class service and attention to detail. Stella’s brand is professional and personal. Valuing service above all else, she is committed to her Clients’ best interest.

Born and raised in Utah, Stella began her real estate career over ten years ago while living in Fort Myers-Naples area of Florida. She enjoys the Gulf of Mexico and its beaches but calls Park City her home as she appreciates the active lifestyle it offers. She loves hiking, biking, and skiing and is involved in local organizations serving those in need.

What are you known for?

Being positive, fun loving, hard working and unrelenting! AND, for being authentic and reliable.


Little bit of Spanish. Careful listening. Silence is powerful too!

Proudest moment

MVP in sports growing up and I am proud every day to have such wonderful family and friends!

Hardest thing you've ever done

Knowing I have taken on many challenges, personal and professional, and always emerged better!

Perfect day

At the end of a day of skiing, staying at the top until almost everyone is gone. It's just you and nature!

Best gift you've ever received

Every day is a wonderful gift including clients who become life long friends!

First job

Car hop at the DIPPER!

Secret talent

Singing-- out loud in the car :)

Define success

Being gracious. Taking care of yourself so that you can be in the service of others. Doing the best you can in any endeavor.

What do you love about Utah?

The mountains and nature! They have healing power. If you are ever lost, you will find yourself!