Shauna Shaw REALTOR®

In 2002, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication/Public Relations with a minor in Legal Studies from Weber State University. This background has given me a solid foundation in which I have established the way I do business with my clientele.

As a Realtor, I pride myself in being qualified, aggressive, dependable and dedicated. I have found that good communication is the key to making any transaction run smoother. With a high standard of worth ethics, I put the client first and work hard to fill his/her needs.

Besides being a Realtor, I am a wife and mother. We have been married for 41 years and we enjoy our five daughters, their husbands and thirteen grandchildren. We have one adult child who will always be in our home and in our care. She has Down syndrome and is very high functioning. She continues to bless our lives daily.

My favorite thing I love about being a real estate agent is that this profession allows me to enjoy the best of both worlds and yet be dedicated to each.

What are you known for?

Integrity and being responsible

Born in

Provo, Utah

Proudest moment

Being a mother for the first time

Hardest thing you've ever done

Picking myself up after having a child born with Down syndrome, our new home under construction burning, and then our house we were renting flood - all in one year

First job

Receptionist at Bob Owen Realty in Overland Park, Kansas

Secret talent

I find peace in playing the piano

Define success

Having repeat customers who come back because they appreciate the way I do business.

What do you love about Utah?

Water skiing, snow skiing, camping, fishing, biking, and hiking are all activities that can be enjoyed within a short distance from home