Shaun Mathewson REALTOR®

I was born in Ogden, the second of four sons. Grew up in North Ogden and enjoyed the freedom of the foothills using my feet or a motorcycle to explore with a rifle and a dog usually along for the ride.
Graduated from Weber High School.
Served a 2-year mission to Japan from 1985 to 1987
Attended Weber State University ("some college" is what I mark on an educational background. It turns out that some who wander, really are lost!)
Married Tina Marie, my beautiful awesome wife (once I finally found her) in 1991 and we are parents to two daughters and a son. We live in Ogden in a charming neighborhood on the east side.
My professional background is in commercial photography and advertising. I worked at the in- house agency at Browning for 10 years before starting Out of Bounds, a company that I have owned with my business partner since 2001, and that we've run for the past almost 17 years.
I love anything outdoors. Mountain Biking and skiing but mostly hunting, specifically with a bow and arrow. It's a great and frustrating challenge that I love.
I decided to license as a real estate sales agent to tap into some of my strengths (as I see them) and explore other opportunities here in the area. I have to say this too, that so far, the team at Berkshire Hathaway has been a real pleasure to be around.

What are you known for?

Hmmm, Tina's Husband primarily (she's the cool one) but otherwise, probably as a photographer/advertising guy, mountain biker, hunter dude.

Where were you Born?

Ogden Utah

What Languages do you speak?

Japanese, very little German. Both rusty at the moment.

What is your Proudest Moment?

Good question. For me those moments are an amalgam of the quiet moments with my family that are peaceful and happy. In those times, I suppose you could say I feel very proud and as if for just a minute, I have it all together.

What is the Hardest thing that you’ve ever done?

Big thing... Start a Company, small thing... 12-hour mountain bike race.

What is your Perfect Day?

I have two types of perfect days. One is a day spent with my wife and family doing whatever, as long as it's together. The other type of perfect day involves being up very early, and being way up high on a mountain as the sun rises at my back while I listen for elk in the basin below.

What is the Best Gift You’ve Ever received?

The gift of our children. The sacrifices mothers make for that to happen continue to amaze me. What could be more valuable or generous than that?

What was your First Job?

Autobody and Paint Shop

What is your Secret Talent?

Don't have any. I have so few talents, I flaunt what I have!

Please Define success:

Shared success between myself and those I choose to do business with. I believe very strongly in the natural rule of reciprocity.

What do you love about Utah?

What's not to love? Four gorgeous seasons, mountains, wildlife, the Great Salt Lake, good people... did I mention mountains?