Rachel Allen REALTOR®


Born in

Beverly, MA

Hardest thing you've ever done

Fly an ILS approach and land a very small plane (Cirrus SR22) after getting caught in a Florida thunderstorm. It was truly a 'fly by the seat of your pants' experience!

Perfect day

Storm day, head to the resort to meet my friends, take bottomless powder laps, then sit by the fire laughing and telling stories over hot toddies

Best gift you've ever received

A handmade bracelet from a young girl I befriended while visiting a village in Thailand. She followed me down the road as I left and gave it to me, I still wear it today

First job

Mucking stalls on my aunts farm. The pay wasn't great, but if I worked hard and didn't 'horse around' she let me ride as often as I could

Secret talent

I can cross one eye at a time. I'm not sure if that's a talent, however it's a great party trick!

What do you love about Utah?

The ability to access some of the best skiing, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, fishing and camping right from my front door. The views aren't too bad either ;)