Pamela Olsen REALTOR®

  • ABR

I was born and raised in San Diego at the beach. In 1976, I decided that there was something I needed to do in St. George, UT. I had been fixing up houses and moving up, so I bought an old house in the heart of town, and restored it. I put in a store that was an instant success, and was named Business Person of The Year. Next, I combined land that joined my acre and the other two guys and built Ancestor Square in St. George. We won the Heritage Foundation Award of Merit for Restoring the old buildings that were on our properties. I was very involved with the new businesses that moved in and eventually owned a restaurant called the Hardy House.

My next move was to Provo, where I helped Craig Call with the development of Provo Town Square. I began buying commercial properties and eventually had 6 homes, a 4-plex, and a 12 unit apartment building. I also got my Real Estate License at this time and was speaking and writing for Mark Heraldson, Howard Ruff, and Charles Givens among others on investing in commercial properties. About that time the IRS changed the Tax Laws regarding commercial real estate and the value of properties dropped 50%. I lost everything. So when my Dad suggested that I start over and move to Salt Lake, it sounded like a good idea.

In 1986, I started over. Using my knowledge of Real Estate, I went into lending on Real Estate and worked for Citibank and Key Bank. It took a few years, to realize that I really enjoyed selling real estate the most, and went back to that full time. That was over 20 years ago.

I can't explain the thrill of finding the perfect home for a buyer. I come home and tell my family all about every minute of the quest! When it comes to listings, I use my experience in home fix-up and having also been a member of ASID, a national Interior Design designation, I have a good time helping homeowners rethink their home and making it more saleable. I just had a young man who moved to California. I had sold him his condo just 2 years earlier. He was hoping to get what he paid for it. We cleaned it up, scrubbed until our arms were sore, put in a new kitchen floor, appliances and granite counters. He spent about $5,000, but ended up with $20,000 more than he expected! Now that was exciting, and rewarding! And that is why I LOVE Real Estate and working with people.