Nate Fairbanks REALTOR®

Nate Fairbanks joined The Greg and Brock Team in 2016 as the team’s administrative assistant and later received his real estate license that same year. New to the field and full of excitement, Nate is ready to help anyone with their real estate needs. It is his desire to ensure all of his clients’ needs are met and that they are doing what works best for them. He enjoys having a career that allows him the opportunity to meet and work with amazing people every day. Aside from real estate, Nate enjoys the great outdoors, including hunting, hiking, archery, and going on adventures with his wife, Allyson. Recently, he started co-coaching rugby for the Highland Rugby team and has enjoyed reconnecting with the sport he used to play.

What are you known for?

Being happy and enjoying life through the good and the bad

Born in

Salt Lake City


I know bits of some African dialects

Proudest moment

Marrying the love of my life

Hardest thing you've ever done

Living in Africa for two years

Perfect day

A day in the mountains and eating good food

Best gift you've ever received

A journal of special hand written memories

First job


Secret talent


Define success

Being happy, having fun, providing for those who depend on you, and having a clear conscience

What do you love about Utah?

There is always something to do outside