Maura Powers REALTOR®

In a crowded marketplace of real estate services, Maura stands out as an agent dedicated to the details in each of her transactions. Whether it is spending hours researching the perfect neighborhood for her buyers, or spending the day at a listing making sure every nook and cranny will look perfect for the upcoming open house, Maura understands that each detail makes a difference. No wonder so many of Maura’s past clients revel at her ability to make their transaction seem so easy and effortless.
With over 30 years experience in real estate, Maura continues to set the bar for how your agent should conduct themselves and the level of knowledge they bring to your transaction. Her outstanding reputation amongst other agents in the area is of incredible value to her clients. From fighting for the best price for her buyer’s, to using her in-depth knowledge of how pricing changes from block to block on a certain street, Maura’s clients are at a substantial advantage having her as their real estate agent.