Lisandra Brunemeier REALTOR®

Lisandra has always had a passion for people and loves the challenges of the real estate career field. She has a strong drive to be a competitive player and she believes in the value of being a life long student in the real estate field. Empathy, fearless, and adventurous are a few words to describe the way Lisandra lives and works.

In her early years of life, she lived in South America with her family and later moved to Spokane, Washington where she spent the next 15 years. Traveling has been a driving force for her and it inspired her to move to France in her early twenties in order to live and travel abroad. She loves music, singing karaoke, and enjoying time with her partner and his beautiful children. She most recently found a passion for skiing and cannot wait to get to the slopes.

Spending most of her twenties in a successful hairstyling career, which brought her to Utah, she decided to make a switch to challenge herself in a new field. In her cosmetology career, she learned skill sets she truly believes sets her apart from most agents. She has a keen eye for real estate investments and loves working with builders. She also enjoys working with transplants as she understands the stress of starting life over again in a new community. She highly values communication, the ability to really hear the wants and needs of her clientele, and empathy for the unique process each person experiences. Please feel free to contact her as she looks forward to working along side you.

What are you known for?

Great communication, follow through, ease in relationship to clients, and preemptive problem solving

Born in:

Santa Barbara, California

Languages (other than English):

French (although not proficient anymore)

Proudest moment:

Living in Europe and traveling globally

Hardest thing you've ever done:

Relocating to Salt Lake City and building a network from scratch

Perfect day:

Enjoy a grand adventure then retire home to have a dinner party with friends

Best gift you've ever received:

My parents. Being adopted by the best people in the world.

First job:

Barista at a drive through coffee stand

Secret talent:

Killer Karaoke Queen

Define success:

Never giving up or believing I've made it. Always moving forward, striving for more, and realizing dreams only to make new ones

What do you love about Utah?

The beautiful four seasons without the bitter cold of the PNW. Skiing, hiking, foodie restaurants, and people who love to do as much as I do.