Jessica Ericksen REALTOR®

I've always had a passion for serving and working with people. Before getting my real estate license, I always chose work that revolved around community service and helping others. I have volunteered and help run events for Operation Underground Railroad and Nurturing Nations. I also routinely help out at local food banks, homeless shelters, The Inn Between, and I love to help with neighborhood cleanups and tutoring. I truely love working with people from all walks of life and helping them have an enjoyable experience in buying and selling homes. I believe in everyone’s right to own.

My goals when helping clients is to focus on honesty, integrity, fairness in business relations and help every person find their own 'home sweet home.'

I have been happily married for over ten years. I have four beautiful-spunky-crazy children and two dogs. I love a good adventure and I love to travel and explore. I also enjoy camping, hiking, eating, exercising and fishing.

Proudest Moment:

I know I can do hard things and I make a point out of stepping up to plate and taking what life throws at me.

Hardest thing you've ever done:

When my Mom went through cancer I shaved my head with her but that wasn't the hardest thing I ever did. It was watching her suffer and not being able to do anything to help her.

Perfect day:

A crazy epic adventure! It should have unexpected surprises, great food, some traveling and an active component!

Best gift you've ever received:

My children (My non-cheesy answer is: I LOVE gifts. Keep them coming)

First job:

Cashier at Little Caesars

Secret talent:

I won an intermediate Crossfit competition

Define success:

Doing your best with no regrets

What do you love about Utah?:

EVERYTHING! The people, the mountains, the hiking, the fishing, and the culture.

What are you known for?:

Serving Nature, Yummy Cookies, and Laugh