Darhl Bova REALTOR®

For the past fourteen years Darhl has loved being a real estate agent in Park City! Her winning combination of client dedication, personal integrity, passion for the business and twenty of real estate and mortgage banking experience benefit both buyers and sellers. Past clients would agree that her attention to detail, follow-through, and market knowledge ensures that every transaction is hassle free. Whether you are buying or selling, she will assist you in navigating through the real estate process with ease. She also understands the 'second home' aspect of the transaction, which often requires being an active part of facilitating projects beyond the sale or purchase of your home.

What are you known for?

Making the real estate process seamless

Born in:

Delta, Utah

Proudest moment:

My first real estate transaction

Hardest thing you've ever done:

Moving forward in my life as a single mom

Perfect day:

Hiking a great trail on a bluebird day

Best gift you've ever received:

A photo book of memories from my daughter

First job:

Car hop at an A&W

Secret talent:


Define success:

Loving what you do and doing it well

What do you love about Utah?

The change of seasons and beautiful scenery