Belinda Cochran-Barenbrugge REALTOR®

I LOVE real estate. I have been dabbling in it since college in the late 70's. After I married my high school sweetheart (we have 3 kids - grown) I left to raise my family and pursue other things. But, I missed real estate. In 2006 I got back in it and I haven't looked back. I sell homes all over the Salt Lake Valley, Park City, Davis and Utah counties. Call me...I'd love to help!

What are you known for?

My sunny personality and curly hair

Born in

Small military outpost in Germany



Hardest thing you've ever done

Losing my daughter in a car accident and choosing to be happy to honor her and the sweet spirit she was.

Perfect day

I should say "selling a house" but really it's sitting on a beach somewhere trying to decide if I need a little umbrella drink or to put on my snorkel gear

Best gift you've ever received

Brooke, Steven, Jenna and grandbaby Weston!

First job

Babysitting and paper route at 13. My first "real" job was a receptionist in a real estate office

Secret talent

Speaking with funny accents

Define success

Enjoying my life - my job, family and helping people fulfill their dreams!

What do you love about Utah?

The national parks, weather, mountains, people, food, and the ease of being able to enjoy it all!